A Life Transforming Ministry

Our Mission

Redeeming Grace Ministries exists to train and equip people to live a life of everlasting recovery through Jesus Christ!

We offer a residential program, in East Alabama, for women transitioning out of a correctional facility or rehabilitation program who desire to transform their lives and maintain recovery as thriving, contributing citizens.

Our holistic program includes job training, establishing a personal support system, life skills, spiritual growth, and access to professional medical care and counseling.

Our 9-12 month program has been carefully developed to provide a firm foundation on which to rebuild a life.  Our goal is for each woman to leave RGM equipped with the necessary skills that will allow them to maintain everlasting recovery!

Our Core Values

We show love by

The Foundation of our ministry is Love!

We love because He first loved us!

I John 4:18

Our Mission

Our Approach


Stories of Grace

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I have been in the midst of unraveling. My first instinct is to escape and ignore the pulling of the tenuous threads holding my soul together.

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In Between

We will all have a lot of “in between” times in our lives. Time and wisdom have taught us that circumstances will change and most situations will come to a conclusion. What we do with the “in between” determines our attitude.

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Love in the Midst of Grief

Recently I have experienced a new type of grief. It’s been hard. I have watched people I love grieve and there’s nothing I can do to alleviate the pain.

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Cease Striving!

God’s ways aren’t ours. Manipulating a situation is contrary to what God desired me to do. He was asking me to cease striving, stop fighting, stop doing- in other words “be still”- and let Him fight for me.

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Happy New Year

I love the week between Christmas and New Year’s! I like the slower pace compared to a typical week. This past year has been amazing!

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Christmas Carols

My view of Christmas has been shaped by the carols we sing. Recently, I have begun to realize how they don’t accurately portray the Birth of Christ. My favorite carol was Silent Night, until I heard “Labor of Love” by Andrew Peterson.

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