Our Story

Our Mission

Redeeming Grace Ministries exists to train and equip people to live a life of everlasting recovery through Jesus Christ!

We offer a residential program, in East Alabama, for women transitioning out of a correctional facility or rehabilitation program who desire to transform their lives and maintain recovery as thriving, contributing citizens.

Our holistic program includes job training, establishing a personal support system, life skills, spiritual growth, and access to professional medical care and counseling.

Our program has been intentionally developed to provide a firm foundation on which to rebuild a life.  Our goal is for each woman to leave RGM equipped with the necessary skills that will allow them to maintain everlasting recovery!

Meet Our Staff

Lara Potts


Lara Potts founded Redeeming Grace Ministries in 2018. She has served in ministries for the past 25 years and the Lord has given her a passion for women that are often overlooked and forgotten. She desires for them to know how loved and worthy they are!

Tina Gottesman

Administrative Assistant

The Lord has sent me to comfort the brokenhearted, and to proclaim that captives will be released and prisoners will be freed!

Isaiah 61: 1

Meet Our Board

Josh Agerton

Embrace Church

Rodney King

Vice President
Dixie Electric, Heating & Air

Clay Lane

Lee County Market President
MidSouth Bank

Brett Peterson

Senior Field Consultant

Dave Potts

Web Content Manager

Chris Ross

Ross Counseling Center LLC

Our Story

As told by our founder, Lara Potts

For several years I taught and mentored women in a rehabilitation program.  At first I couldn’t relate to the situations that the women had experienced.  Situations like losing a job, relationships with family, a marriage, custody of children, and their homes.  After one very difficult day where lots of heartbreaking stories were shared, I prayed on the way home.  I wondered what I had to offer the women since I could not relate to the same situations.  The Lord spoke to my heart and said, “I didn’t call you to relate, I called you to love.”  That was turning point because I knew I could love! For some of the women this was the first time that they had been loved without expecting anything in return.  I continued to show up and love the women unconditionally!

I began to notice that when the women would complete the rehab program and move out to rebuild their lives, that most would quickly relapse.  Getting sober is difficult, and rehabs are designed to help people obtain sobriety.  Learning to live sober and maintain sobriety takes a whole other set of skills. 

Watching women, who have fought to regain their lives and become my friends, relapse was devastatingly crushing.  Words don’t do justice when describing this.  After one particularly hard time, my husband, Dave, told me it was time to do something different.  It took me a little longer to agree.  I mean who does something crazy like start a ministry and extensive program like this?    

But this is a passion that the Lord has given me and I couldn’t be anywhere else doing anything but this. The past two years have been full of adventure, learning, disappointment, great joy, fear, peace and utter amazement at what the Lord is doing.  We are looking forward to finishing the renovations on the home we are renting, for $1 per year. Yes, $1 rental each year!  That’s a whole other story I would love to share with you!  We are praying for the women that will be joining us in 2021.  We are praying for them a lot.  Would you join us?

-Lara Potts