Our Mission

Redeeming Grace Ministries exists to train & equip people to live a life of everlasting recovery through Jesus Christ. 

Our vision is to create a program that will bridge the gap between rehabs and prison and long-term successful, independent sober living, then expand to include a best-practices recovery phase.  We intend to create a campus that will start with a transitional living home, expand to a transitional “village” and educational building, then add a recovery home for women, and finally a separate recovery home for mothers with their children.  We believe that the Lord has called us to teach women in a hands-on-way how to live a transformed life that only Jesus makes possible!

We offer a residential program for women ages 19 years or older, who desire to transform their lives and maintain recovery as thriving, contributing citizens.  Our program is based on the promises of Isaiah 61:  healing, freedom, and restoration are available through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  

We offer Bible studies, recovery, budgeting, parenting, job training and other life skills classes. We believe the transitional living phase is a missing component in many rehabs; our goal is to give women the opportunity to learn and practice the skills that result in long-term restoration and recovery.                     

We are located in Lee County in East Alabama.

God is with us

At Redeeming Grace Ministries, we believe  a personal relationship with Jesus is the answer to overcoming every struggle in life.

Partner with Us!

Our ultimate goal is to see women truly transformed by His grace, living abundant lives!  To see the vision come to fruition, we need financial partners. 

We estimate the start up costs for the ministry to be approximately $200,000.  This would include operational costs for 6 months, purchasing one or two vehicles, setting up the office, furnishing and decorating the home, and hiring 2-3 staff members. 

We estimate the cost of monthly operating expenses to be approximately $13,500-15,000 per month for the initial 3-5 residents.     

Our promise is to provide the best quality program while being excellent stewards of your gift.  

Change a life

A new journey

How to Help?

Every journey of recovery starts with a few, uncertain steps. We ask for your help, support, and prayers as we take ours.

Recovery for Life

Freedom and restoration are possible through a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ.