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Ambassadors of Grace

Ambassadors of Grace are representatives of Redeeming Grace Ministries, serving in their God-given talents to share the mission and vision of this life- transforming ministry.  The vision the Lord has given us is HUGE and can’t be accomplished by one, two, or even a few people.  We are seeking a motivated team of people to come along side us and be part of this exciting journey. 

If you are interested in helping in any of these positions, please fill out a contact form below.

Ambassadors of Grace Positions

  • Volunteer Coordinator

    Manage the many volunteers that are so eager to help! Assist them in finding a place to serve. Keep them informed of opportunities. Would serve in conjunction with Volunteer Trainer.

  • Grant Writing

    We need help searching for available grants and submitting proposals.

  • Support Raising and Events

    God has given us a BIG vision, but we believe He will also bring BIG provision to fulfill it! We would love for all who are passionate about Redeeming Grace, to have a gathering for us to share the vision with your friends and families. We are also looking for someone who loves to organize and plan events to facilitate this team! If you have a fundraising idea, please share!

  • Community Outreach

    Help connect Redeeming Grace to other ministries, community groups, and churches so that we can share the vision with them.

  • Donation Supervisor

    We are grateful for the many donations of furniture, clothing, and other items people want to share with us. We need someone to help develop guidelines and manage the donations.

  • Grace Closet

    We will have a store of supplies available for our residents to shop at. We need someone who would like to set this up. Residents will use RGM Bucks to shop.

  • RGM Bucks

    Develop system to earn RGM bucks. Design RGM bucks. This would tie in well with the Budgeting program. Ladies will be paid in RGM bucks for doing their daily chores and other odd jobs. They would be able to spend the money in the Grace Closet for items.

  • Prayer

    RGM needs prayer! We are looking for a leader to host occasional prayer gatherings, and update supporters on prayer needs.

  • Mentor

    You can have the privilege of being a mentor to one of the women in our program. This is an 9-12 month commitment.

  • Drivers

    Build a team of people willing to drive residents to work, doctor appointments, etc.

  • Resident Adoption

    Our goal is for each resident to have a family support them by having them over for meals, taking them out for fun activities, including them in “healthy” family life.

  • Enrichment Classes

    We would like to offer enrichment classes to our residents, such as crafts, cooking, sewing, gardening, etc. Anything that is fun and a time to build relationships. If you have a skill you would like to share, let us know!

  • Teachers

    Come in and teach classes! Subjects Needed: Journaling & Prayer, Parenting, Christian Practices for New Believers, Uninvited Study, Codependency, Time Management, Real Relationships, Nutrition

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