RGM Annual Report

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Cease Striving!

God’s ways aren’t ours. Manipulating a situation is contrary to what God desired me to do. He was asking me to cease striving, stop fighting, stop doing- in other words “be still”- and let Him fight for me.

Happy New Year

I love the week between Christmas and New Year’s! I like the slower pace compared to a typical week. This past year has been amazing!

Christmas Carols

My view of Christmas has been shaped by the carols we sing. Recently, I have begun to realize how they don’t accurately portray the Birth of Christ. My favorite carol was Silent Night, until I heard “Labor of Love” by Andrew Peterson.

Grateful Memories

Today, I would be the one to share a long list of what I am grateful for and you would be mentioned! Thank you for your continued support to RGM! Happy Thanksgiving!

Moving from Expectation to Anticipation

I have been pondering what it means to operate in an attitude of expectation versus anticipation. A friend shared this concept with me a few months ago and it has challenged, encouraged, and transformed my thinking.


What do you think of when you hear the word resurrection? Miracle, life, joy, excitement, and now clothing are a few of the thoughts that come to my mind.

The House that Harold Built

A mature oak tree towers over the house that Harold Cook built. Beautiful and full of life, the tree provided a cool blanket of shade on summer days for young Laura and Jim as they playfully ran around the lush backyard. A picnic table- prepared by Harold’s wife, Sonja- was situated underneath the old oak. Soon enough, this pocket of paradise would be full of family gathering together for dinner- a summer staple for the Cook’s in the early 1980s.


I am all out exuberant and I can’t tone it down because I am absolutely thrilled that we are dedicating the RGM House! I am so excited for all our friends to come see our beautiful home and celebrate God’s faithfulness with us!


Have you ever hoped for something and it has not come to fruition? I have had many hopes in my life that never ended up a reality. But that didn’t prevent me from hoping for new things in the future.