House Mom

Redeeming Grace Ministries is an equal opportunity employer.   We encourage and welcome diversity, recognizing it as a key competitive advantage. The value of different backgrounds and perspectives should not be overlooked. Having a diverse workforce assists us in looking at all situations from a variety of angles and encourages the development of innovative ideas and solutions. Embracing and understanding what each employee’s background and perspective can contribute gives us a competitive edge.

House Mom

Job Type: Full Time, Salaried plus Live In (Room and Board)

The House Mom is responsible for the following:

  • Oversee and manage daily activities of the home and residents.
  • Maintain the safety and security of Redeeming Grace Ministry House residents. 
  • Be discreet regarding the Redeeming Grace Ministry House location and identity of all residents.
  • Maintain a strong, personal relationship with Christ. Be in the Word and in conversation with the Father regularly.
  • Will be required to be on shift for six (6) days, then off shift for one (1) day with two (2) weekends off per month. This means you will be expected to work selected weekends.

The ideal candidate:

  • A believer and follower of Jesus Christ. This position requires a woman with a strong faith, rooted deeply in scripture and consistent prayer.
  • Strong organizational skills and time management abilities.
  • Ability to interact lovingly and effectively with women who have been through extreme trauma.
  • Ability to create and maintain an environment conducive to healing and spiritual growth for our residents.
  • At least two (2) years experience working with adults, group home, substance use, correctional facility preferred.    
  • Compensation/Salary: The House Mom will be provided housing both on and off duty. During her 6-day shift, she will be provided a private room in the Redeeming Grace Ministry House. During her shift, all food and household necessities will be provided. The House Mom will also have transportation available.