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30 women turned away
due to lack of space.
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Our Fundraising Goal to expand RGM & impact even more lives!

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Our plans include a home for women, a home for women and their children, a community center, and an affordable living option.

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Our Goal: $30,000

Redeeming Grace Ministries has been given the opportunity for a $30,000 matching gift towards a future property and expansion of our ministry.

That means every dollar donated between now and December 31 will be matched up to $30,000!

We need your help to meet this goal. EVERY donation is significant!

Since January 1st, 30 women have asked to come to Redeeming Grace. Our main referral sources have known that we have been full for 5 months.

30 times we have said no this year.

When we started RGM, we focused intentionally on the women that we would say yes to! Those we had to turn away did not enter into our thought process.

Several women have had children. We have said no to at least 5 children.

We help women rebuild their lives. So when they reach out to us, they are usually in a desperate situation. They have no one else to call.

No is a hard answer to give to women in those situations.

We have always known that the vision God has for Redeeming Grace is a Big Vision. We have said from the start that He is a Big God and RGM is His vision for His precious women.

Our team has been praying, talking and casting vision over the last 6 months. We have shared it with a small group of people.

God used one of those people to share it with someone who reached out to RGM and is giving $30,000 towards the Vision! They wanted to leverage their gift as much as possible and make it a matching gift.

All the money raised through this will go towards the expansion of RGM.

We have been so grateful for everyone’s generoisty to help us through the various stages over the last five years. It has given us time to figure out operations on a smaller scale. We are still developing the next big vision. This will be the seed money to start impacting even more lives.

Our plans include a home for women, a home for women and their children, a community center, and an affordable living option.

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