Remember WWJD?

“What Would Jesus Do?” It was a simple acronym to help us to remember that we should always consider how Jesus would respond in any situation.

I live in a college town so in my head I think I am much younger than I actually am. Both my children are in college. I met some of their friends, and they were calling me “Ma’am” and Mrs. Potts. I had a moment. Here I am thinking I am still a peer and all they see are some friends’ middle age Mom.

I love being around all the college kids and seeing their desire to know God more deeply. For many years, I was involved in, and then worked at a campus ministry. It was a transformative experience in my own life.

I have recently noticed more bracelets with WWJD/HWLF. Being the cool mom I am, I looked it up on the internet, so as not to let my child know that I actually don’t know everything!

HWLF= He Would Love First

I have contemplated this for many weeks now. The phrase, “WWJD?” made me think that there was always a “correct” answer and if I chose the wrong answer, then I really didn’t respond the way Jesus would.

There is relief knowing that there is one correct answer for every situation- Love! His response is always love, compassion, and grace. I have a strong personality and there are many times that my first response wouldn’t necessarily be considered very loving. The beauty of this is that even when I don’t respond with love, Jesus responds to me with love.

Years ago, when I became involved in recovery ministry, I felt very unqualified and that I couldn’t relate to women who had lost everything. One day after a very tearful meeting, I was driving home and praying, telling God that I was sure that I had missed what He asked me to do.

God clearly and kindly spoke to me and told me He didn’t call me to relate, He called me to love.

I had to pull over and allow the words to sink in my frazzled heart and mind. I began to walk with a different confidence. One that I could love like Jesus, without expecting anything in return. For many of the women I was the first one in their lives, that simply loved them.

Redeeming Grace’s Board decided to base our Core Values on 1 John 4:18-

“We love because He first loved us.”

We show love by:

  • Being Excellent Stewards of our Resources
  • Operating with Integrity
  • Creating an Environment of Excellence
  • Growing in our Personal Relationship with Christ
  • Seeing Value in all People
  • Offering Quality Programs

Knowing WWJD is HWLF is simply beautiful and full of grace. I am thankful He chooses to love me and you before anything else.

The Lord has sent me to comfort the brokenhearted, and to proclaim that captives will be released and prisoners will be freed!
Isaiah 61: 1

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