Our Approach

Faith Based Recovery


At Redeeming Grace Ministries, we base our recovery on God’s word – the Bible. Our program utilizes Bible based courses that address the root issues that result in unwanted behaviors that prevent living a life of freedom. Our holistic approach includes life skills classes, job skills training, and connecting our residents with professional care providers.


A key component of Redeeming Grace Ministries is to assist the residents in building a healthy support system. This is accomplished by having a mentor during the program, attending and serving at a local church, and building new relationships with other friends in recovery.   


Self-care is vital to maintaining recovery and our goal is teach the women healthy practices. We expose the residents to as many different hobbies as possible so that they can discover their interests.  We have a kitchen garden that the women can practice growing their own food and then cooking meals.  Other classes  include art, exercise, and wood working.  


At Redeeming Grace Ministries, all people are worthy of love. Our sincere hope is that the women that reside with us will know to the core of their soul how worthy, loved and valuable they are – no matter their past, just by walking in the door.  We are creating an environment of excellence and making our house a home!

The Lord has sent me to comfort the brokenhearted, and to proclaim that captives will be released and prisoners will be freed!

Isaiah 61: 1