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Women ages 19 years and older, who have completed a rehabilitation program or prison sentence and desire to learn and practice the skills that result in long-term restoration and recovery.


We are a residential home offering a transitional program.  Our program includes professional counseling, job skills training, and classes focused on recovery, spiritual growth, budgeting, relationships, and life-skills.     


We would like to be located in the greater Auburn/Opelika area.  One of our long-term visions is to allow women with custody of their children to participate in our program.  Having easy access to  jobs, educational opportunities, and an active community is vital to the success of our residents.


We believe the Lord has called us to bring good news, comfort, and a message of hope!

Our Approach

At Redeeming Grace Ministries, we base our recovery on God’s word – the Bible. Our program will utilize Bible based courses that address the root issues that result in unwanted behaviors that prevent living a life of freedom. Our holistic approach will include life skills classes, job skills training, counseling, individual studies, and involvement in the local Christian community.

 A key component of Redeeming Grace Ministries is to assist the residents in building a healthy support system. This will be accomplished through attending and serving at a local church and participating in small groups.

At Redeeming Grace Ministries, all people are worthy of love. Our sincere hope is that the women that reside with us will know to the core of their soul how worthy, loved and valuable they are – no matter their past.

Recovery for Life

Freedom and restoration are possible through a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ.